Outdoor, indoor, aerial, lifestyle, and food photography are the most important elements for a high-quality presentation for the entire tourism and gastro industries.

Today’s technology allows a professional photography team like ours to create an incredibly realistic representation of all your offer in all the above areas of photography.

Further information about Outdoor, indoor, aerial, lifestyle and food photography, can be found at the end of the following gallery.

Exterior & interior

These are images that were taken with special lenses, techniques and lighting in order to best represent the exterior and interior views of a building and its rooms.

Aerial photography

These are pictures taken from an airplane, a helicopter or with a drone. They represent the respective object and its surroundings very true to the original. The customer thus gets a clear idea of the geographical location of the objects, such as the distance to the beach, the city center, or other important locations.

Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography is primarily about capturing and expressing a very specific attitude towards life in a believable way. Lifestyle photography are images of well-thought-out scenes that are presented to the viewer in order to specifically trigger positive emotions in them.


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