Our virtual tours are very efficient and powerful marketing tools. If correctly positioned on your website, they can significantly increase your booking, optimize and improve the ranking and the position of your website.

Further information on virtual tours panoramas and menus as well as their functions, can be found at the end of the following gallery.

A virtual tour is composed of 360 panoramas (exterior, interior and aerial panoramas) and a customized menu. The panoramas can be created with a floor or a built-in logo (so-called Nadir logo), depending on the customer’s wishes. In-screen, live and custom-made Videos can also be built into the panoramas. All panoramas are recorded with the most advanced equipment and processed using advanced software specially developed by us, so that when looking at the panoramas, you hew the feeling being directly on site. After a carefully selected shot to create a high quality panorama, many hours of editing are also necessary. The tailor-made menus are prepared just as carefully, with a lot of effort and precision.

After the project is finished, one of the best virtual tours you have seen is created.



Our Menus are:

  • Custom designed
  • 100% Responsive to all devices and screen sizes
  • Equipped with, multiple panoramic navigation
  • Equipped with, multi-level floor plan menu (up to ten levels)
  • Equipped with, multi-language menu, up to ten different language
  • Equipped with, advanced VR-3D navigation menu (Oculus VR Glasses)
  • Connectable to all online mapping systems Google Maps, Bing maps and other
  • Connectable to all social media networks and Apps
  • Connectable to all booking systems and Apps
  • Connectable to all kinds of links, photo galleries, webs and online projects

These are the main and most frequently used menu functions. In general, we are able to incorporate everything that today’s web and IT technology offers into our menus.



We can create separate hyperlinks that can be used to navigate directly to each panorama.
This option allows you to insert each panorama individually into the photo gallery

Each panorama properly modification can be placed on Booking com & Facebook photo gallery
Each panorama can be uploaded into Google Street View. By more than ten panoramas,  we can create a Google 360 tour.



Google Street View Projects:

Westin Hamburg:

Hotel Esplanade:

Hotel am Schlossberg:

Resort San canzian: